We are bakers first!

By combining real ingredients, RDJ Bakeries is committed to analyzing market trends, consumer preferences, and meeting our clients’ needs to bring you a great-tasting product. With the expansion and the growth of our business, we are dedicated to becoming the global choice of bakery. We currently have facilities in Cambridge Ontario that are trusted around the globe, where we have a start-to-finish process of baked goods that then get shipped around the world.

As a “people first” brand, RDJ Bakeries is devoted to the promise to our employees to remain progressive. We do so by implementing Standard Operating Procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices that reflect not only legislative requirements but go above and beyond in involving employee engagement.

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Dedication to innovation and product development!

Our New Product Development department and continuous research help us in making a better cracker. We are able to impress and supply our customers with the best quality baked goods, in both taste & texture because we are bakers first!